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Pumping Systems Inc (Now Easy Lawn) recognised an opportunity in the lawn establishment industry and began manufacturing a line of jet agitation hydroseeding (also known as hydromulching) equipment.  Pumping Systems was one of the early pioneers in utilizing hydroseeding technology for smaller residential and commercial lawn establishment jobs.  Prior to these smaller jet agitation hydroseeding machines, hydroseeding was typically used only on larger infrastructure development projects such as the construction of interstate highway systems and large-scale surface mine reclamation.  It wasn’t long before the manufacturing of hydroseeding equipment became the primary focus of the company, prompting a name change in the early 90’s to Easy Lawn, Inc.

The Easy Lawn brand is now owned by ECPC.

Landscaper Series L30

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Engine3H 11.7 HP Honda Gas
8K 25 HP Kohler Gas
Tank Size908 litres
Fuel Capacity3H TBA
8K 26 litres
Pump3H 3″x2″ Centrifugal Pump 300gpm/43psi
8K 4″x3″ Centrifugal Pump 650gpm/90psi
Pump DriveDirect Drive
AgitationJet Agitation
Fillwell406mm w/ Molded Polyethylene Bale Hopper
Hose100′ of 11/4” Clear Braid Hose
Nozzles1 Wide Fan, 1 Narrow Fan, and 1 Straight
Max Material54.40 kg
Material TypePaper Fiber, Some Paper/ Wood Blends
Empty Weight3H 358 kg
8K 440 kg
Working Weight3H 1020 kg
8K 1102 kg
Estimated Coverage372m2
Optional Hose ReelElectric (8K ONLY) or Manual


Easy Lawn’s Landscaper Hydroseeding Units are smaller capacity units with enough performance to do the jobs when necessary. The L30 is designed for the landscaper, municipality or contractor who does occasional seeding, but still needs professional performance. The L30 comes standard with Easy Lawn’s Recirculating Jet Agitation System that assures fast mixing, trouble free operation, and easy clean out.

The L30 will fit into the bed of a standard 8′ bed pickup and includes fork pockets for easy loading. These units come standard with two large radius hose hooks to hold the hose without kinking. The exclusive easy change nozzle system makes it fast and easy to change the nozzles at the end of the hose. Just unscrew the nozzle by hand and screw on the new nozzle, no tools required.

The Easy Lawn gun assembly is compact and light weight but still durable to reduce operator fatigue, while still allowing full flow.


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