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Finn invented and trademarked the first Hydroseeder® in 1953. Designed to mix and spray a slurry of seed and fertilizer over broad areas, this was more than a product innovation — it was the seed that spawned a new industry of turf and erosion control contractors.

T90 Hydroseeder

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POWERYanmar 3TNV88C-DYEM, 35.1hp (26.2kw), 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine. Tier 4Final.
Low oil pressure, electronic engine control and monitoring
TANK SIZE940 gallon (3,558 liter) liquid capacity
800 gallon (3,028 liter) working capacity
FUEL TANK CAPACITY13.5 gallon (51.1 liter)
PUMPCentrifugal 4″ x 2″ (10 cm x 5 cm) 170 gpm @ 100 psi (689 kPa) (646 lpm @ 7 kg/cm2), 3/4″ (1.9 cm) solid clearance, external adjustment
PUMP DRIVEDirect drive with over center clutch, pump drive is independent of agitator operation
AGITATIONMechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation
AGITATOR DRIVEReversible, variable speed hydraulic motor drive (0-100 rpm)
DISCHARGE DISTANCEUp to 180 feet (55 m) from end of discharge tower
MAX. MATERIAL CAPACITY2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg) granular solids
400 lbs. (181 kg) fiber mulch
NOZZLES(1) narrow fan, (1) wide fan, (2) long distance
EMPTY WEIGHT2T90T 5,810 lbs. (2,635 kg)
T90S 4,150 lbs. (1,882 kg)
WORKING WEIGHT2T90T 15,115 lbs. (6,856 kg)
T90S 13,455 lbs. (6,103 kg)
TRAILERMounting on a UK type approved trailer is an option
TRAILER AXLESTandem 7,000 lbs. (3,176 kg) rubber torsion with
GVWR15,000 lbs. (6,804 kg)

1Loads per acre based on an application rate of 1500 lbs. mulch/acre.
2Working weights are approximate and do not include options or stored materials. Working weights assume maximum tank liquid capacity and maximum granular solids material capacity.

Model shown may include optional equipment.


The superior technology behind the T90 HydroSeeder is the result of more than 50 years of extensive FINN research and HydroSeeder manufacturing. Many customers have provided valuable input that shaped the final product. Today, the FINN T90 HydroSeeder offers the ultimate in performance features and operator conveniences that are exactly what you’d expect from the industry leader in hydroseeding quality and innovation.

Even Application

For ease-of-use, the large loading hatch of the T90 is located at the front of the unit. A uniform mix is of vital importance and the FINN T90 HydroSeeder delivers. The sleek design of the tank provides a smooth slurry flow pattern from the beginning to the end of the load.

Rugged & Aggressive

The FINN T90 HydroSeeder features a heavy-duty agitator driven by a variable speed, reversible hydraulic motor – with controls both front and rear. The agitator and pump are independently driven, allowing complete mixing of the slurry without pump operation. This significantly enhances mechanical longevity and flexibility during operation. Outstanding GPM output, piping, and pressure capabilities of the pump result in spray distances of up to 180 feet from the tower gun.

The T90 HydroSeeder boasts a powerful centrifugal slurry pump, driven by an in-line common shaft clutch with no high-cost maintenance couplings, drive belts or hydraulic components. This configuration dramatically increases output and operating pressure.

Solid Performance

As the world leader for over 80 years in the design and manufacture of innovative, quality equipment for the green industry, and as the inventor of the HydroSeeder, FINN Corporation is committed to your complete satisfaction.

FINN Corporation has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. HydroSeeder® and the FINN Design® Logo are registered trademarks of FINN Corporation.


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