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For over 50 years GARBIN GROUP have been manufacturing chain and wheel trenchers for multi utility use.

Their range of Fibre trenchers have been instrumental in the installation of the fibre network and are now gaining recognition as a safe, fast and efficient means of installing multiple utilities.

Now with the introduction of the Multi 75 the company offers their customers the ability to do many different tasks with the same base machine and multiple attachments.

Multifunction 75E

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EngineKubota V3307 CR TE5B EU
Engine Power at rates engine speed
74.30 HP
Min/Max Trench Depth200 – 630mm
Min/Max Trench Width80 – 140mm
Side Shift System
Dust SuppressionStandard
Conveyor OptionOptional with TX540 Cutting wheel maximum depth 540mm
ControlsRadio controlled with proportional servo controls (PPC), 2 x Emergency Stop Buttons
Hydraulic System Pressure230 Bar
Hydraulic Transmission3 x Gear Pumps
Hydraulic Pumps3 x Radial Piston
Dimensions (H x W x L)1902 x 1100 x 4284mm
Weight Maximum3500 kg
Maximum travel Speed4.5 km/h

*See your local dealer for warranty details.


Multi purpose remote controlled Multi-Tool Carrier 75E. 

High power and compact designed for easy maintenance the Multi-Function 75E is a high productivity radio controlled machine for use in multiple works such as excavation of micro and mini-trenches, catenary excavation, asphalt milling (Top Cutter), cable plowing and road sweeping.

Quick coupling allows quick and easy attachment changes.

Optional Semi-automatic guidance and satellite monitoring systems.

Standard Accessories


Accessories on Request

  • GPS localization system and remote display of operating parameters (industry 4.0) (first year subscription included)
  • Two year gps subscription (after the first)
  • Four year GPS subscription (after the first)
  • Semi-Automatic Steering System


  • Wheel Cutter with loading conveyor MWS 540 NASTRO
  • Wheel Cutter (No Conveyor) MWS 630
  • Chain Trencher
  • Sweeper MWS 1500
  • Cable Plow TAD PL
  • Asphalt/Top Cutter – Various width and depth options available


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