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Finn invented and trademarked the first Hydroseeder® in 1953. Designed to mix and spray a slurry of seed and fertilizer over broad areas, this was more than a product innovation — it was the seed that spawned a new industry of turf and erosion control contractors.

Titan HT330/400 Hydroseeder

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POWERJohn Deere 4045HFC06 Tier 4 Final Diesel, 173 HP (129kW), industrial water cooled diesel engine. Vibration Isolated. Control panel with digital information display, throttle, pump on/off, horn, agitator speed and direction controls and E-Stop. Additional engine start/stop switch and E-Stop button is located on the bumper.
ENGINE SAFETY SYSTEMEngine ECU with self-diagnostics, including low oil pressure and high temperature shutoff
TANK SIZEHT330: 3,350 Gallon (12,681 Liter) Liquid Capacity
HT330: 3,000 Gallon (11,356 Liter) Working Capacity
HT400: 3,975 Gallon (15,047 Liter) Liquid Capacity
HT400: 3,600 Gallon (13,627 Liter) Working Capacity
FUEL TANK CAPACITY50 Gallon ( 189.3 Liter)
PUMPCentrifugal: 6″ x 3″ (15.2 cm x 7.6 cm), 530 gpm @ 200 psi, 1.25″ solid clearance
Vortex: 6″ x 3″ (15.2 cm x 7.6 cm), 465 gpm @ 150 psi, 3″ solid clearance
PUMP DRIVEHydrostatically driven
AGITATIONTwin mechanical agitators with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
AGITATOR DRIVE SYSTEMReversible, variable speed hydraulically driven
Lower Agitator: 0-150 RPM
Upper Agitator: 0-175 RPM
DISCHARGE DISTANCECentrifugal: Up to 368 ft. (112m) from discharge tower
Vortex: Up to 284 ft. (87m) from discharge tower
MATERIAL CAPACITYHT330: Granular Solids: 10,000 lbs. (4535.9 kg)
HT330: Fiber Mulch: 1,500 lbs. (680.4 kg)
HT400: Granular Solids: 12,400 lbs. (5624.5 kg)
HT400: Fiber Mulch: 1,800 lbs. (816.5 kg)
MATERIAL CARRYING CAPACITYHT330: 75 lbs. / sq. ft. (7,200 lbs.) 366 kg / sq. m (3,266 kg)
HT400: 75 lbs. / sq. ft. (9,600 lbs.) 366 kg / sq. m (4,354 kg)
NOZZLES(2) Narrow Fan, (2) Wide Fan, (2) Long Distance
EMPTY WEIGHTHT330: 14,127 lbs. (6,408 kg)* HT400: 15,075 lbs. (6,838 kg)*
WORKING WEIGHTHT330: 40,677 lbs. (18,451 kg)** HT400: 46,935 lbs. (21,289 kg)**
LOADING HATCHRaised, sealed hatch with 24-1/2″ x 29-1/2″ opening and integrated, pivoted stainless steel bag cutter with safety grate
BALE GRINDERAgitator with integrated mulch bale grinder for faster material loading
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTStainless Steel Tank and Lids, Stainless Steel Agitator, Hose Reel Package w/ 1-1/4″ Hose, Hose Reel Package w/ 1-1/2″ Hose, Second Boom, Air Flush, Hardened Pump, Additional Fill Port, Rear Spray Bar, Front Flushers, Cab Controls

Note: Weight and specs subject to change after testing.
* Empty weight includes 50 gal. of fuel and all engine and hydraulic fluids
** Working weight includes one full load of fiber mulch and water with no stored materials on deck.

Features and Benefits

  • Spraying distances of up to 368 feet from boom
  • Dual boom as an option for spraying on both sides of the unit for hard-to reach areas
  • Hydraulic hose reel with Reel-In and Reel-Out functionality
  • Revolutionary integrated bale grinder for faster and more efficient loading
  • Helical designed agitators improves material movement within the tank for more efficient mixing and circulation
  • Revolutionary long-life, low maintenance agitator bearings
  • Interchangeable centrifugal and vortex pump
  • Centralized lubrication/service points for increased unit serviceability
  • Larger gates and open-space design dramatically increases the amount of usable storage space on top of the tank
  • Remote control seamlessly integrated into the unit control system to easily control the pump while working with the hose

As the world leader for over 80 years in the design and manufacture of innovative, quality equipment for the green industry, and as the inventor of the HydroSeeder, FINN Corporation is committed to your complete satisfaction.

More horsepower with high efficiency hydraulic system

  • 173HP Tier IV Final John Deere water cooled, turbo-diesel engine
  • Self-diagnosing engine including low oil pressure and high temperature shut-off system
  • Innovative control system, with multi-language capability, to control all machine functions
  • Electronically controlled hydraulic system to enable maximum performance and productivity
  • 6 x 3 inch, hydrostatically driven 530 gpm centrifugal pump standard and an optional 6 x 3 hydrostatically driven 465 gpm vortex pump
  • Two (2) heavy duty, reversible and variable speed mechanical agitators with liquid recirculation
  • Agitator speed and direction control is independent of engine speed for faster loading of materials

More flexibility

  • Single boom, dual boom or hose application
  • Mix and spray any material from the heaviest slurry BFM’s, FGM’s, plaster- based additives and lime
  • Pump and agitator speed independent from engine speed
  • 4,000 or 3,300 gallon tank capacity
  • Increased deck space with integral tie down points for increased material storage – storage for up to 8 pallets on the HT400
  • Optional stainless steel tank and agitators
  • Optional air-flush system available

More versatility and speed

  • High power agitators for grinding and mixing tough/heavy slurries
  • Optimized agitator paddle layout for increased material circulation in the tank and reduced potential for air entrainment in the slurry
  • Optimized 6 inch suction line for faster unloading – ideal for re- vegetation using aircraft or large area coverage
  • Why Titan? Best performance, best productivity and ultimate convenience of any unit on the market.



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